Halcyon Lane Farm

Scotch Collies

The Final Countdown


It’s getting so close now, for you new puppy owners-to-be. Next week already some puppies will be heading to their new homes and we are really excited about the families they are going to!

But we have some big news! Byron has come available again and is no longer reserved. For personal reasons the previous person had to back out, so we are hoping for another family that may have been wanting a puppy but thought it was too late for this litter. Byron is a sweet and handsome little boy!

It’s amazing how quickly the progression goes from 1st week helpless newborn to 7th week fuzzy bundle of curiosity, action, and affection! We took the puppies for their first car ride and they did really well. They had a great time exploring a new play set and whatever else caught their eye – the knot on a pine tree or a bundle of moss!

Check out our facebook page for bonus pictures!

Byron (Surprise! I’m available.)

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