Halcyon Lane Farm

Scotch Collies

'Tis the Season for Puppies


Announcing, born to Heritage Captain Jack and Halcyon Amish Lassie, on Friday October 16th, 5 puppies! Lassie woke us up at about 1:45am and we came down to find a puppy born. There was not much sleep to be had the rest of the night, too exciting! By 7:00am there were 5 puppies.

We found out that Jack and Lassie both carry the tri-color trait, which also surprised us since all 9 puppies last time were sables. Of the 5 pups in this litter, 3 were tri-color and 2 sable. Sadly, the smallest tri-color pup died at a few days old. So there are four pups up for adoption, 3 females and 1 male. We probably won’t know which are smooth vs rough coat until the puppies are about 3 weeks old.

It was somewhat of an adventure learning Lassie was going to have a litter of puppies this year. We had her tested about 5 weeks ago, and the test came back negative. But it became pretty obvious of late that the test was just wrong this time :)

And now to meet the puppies!

Winter (Female)

   In winter I get up at night and dress by yellow candle-light. – R.L. Stevenson Winter

Spring (Male)

   Come, gentle Spring! ethereal mildness, come. – James Thomson Spring

Summer (Female)

   I always like Summer best… – Nikki Giovanni Summer

Autumn (Female)

   Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile. – William Cullen Bryant Autumn