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Only One Puppy Left

We’ve really enjoyed having Anthony Rowley these extra few weeks, and haven’t made too big of an effort to try and place him. But, he is now 13 weeks old and we know he will be better off getting to his new home sooner rather than later. For the last 3 weeks, we’ve been getting to know him really well and are very pleased with his personality. He is very biddable and responds well to a gentle “no” followed by praise. That is how he has been learning what he can and cannot chew on around the house.

He also loves to hang out with us around the fireplace and will sleep there in the evenings.

Anthony Rowley

He gets that warm, cozy, comfort seeking side from his dam, Lassie. Whereas, Captain Jack is fond of the snow and the cold, Lassie and Anthony Rowley are much quicker to come back in when the playing is finished.

We keep him in a kennel in our room at night, which has been going very well. We hear nary a peep from him from bedtime until we get up in the morning. He has also been traveling with us a few times as we visit family and has done really well.

House training has been going well, and with the other dogs around to help show him where to do his business, it makes things easier.

Let us know if you are interested in this handsome and affectionate little guy!

Anthony Rowley