Halcyon Lane Farm

Scotch Collies

Puppies on the Way!

Amish Lassie Captain Jack

We took Lassie to the vet two weeks ago and she was diagnosed with puppies! When Lassie was on the Amish farm, she usually had big litters of 8 to 12 pups. We’ll see if that holds true, and if so, we could be in for a lot of fun around our place. She is due in early September.

We’ve been really excited to see how the combination of Jack and Lassie will turn out. Lassie introduces an entirely new blood line to the OTSCA registry, and she is a really special dog. Jack brings a great pedigree to the mix, so hopefully there will be some fantastic puppies to share with the Scotch Collie community soon.

To be placed on our puppy waiting list, send us an email with the subject line “Gotta have one!” and tell us a little about yourself.