Halcyon Lane Farm

Scotch Collies

Lassie Learns to Play

Amish Lassie

I don’t know if Lassie learned how to play with her previous owners. Since she came here, she has seemed puzzled every time we play with Jack. Often she’d try to chase him, as if wondering if we want him caught. She seemed jealous, wanting our attention.

Well, this week she turned over a new leaf. Jack brought me a big stick and I threw it for him. After a couple throws, while he was retrieving one, Lassie came up to me with a tiny stick in her mouth! I threw it nearby, and she retrieved it for me! I convinced her to give it to me, and then threw it farther this time. She didn’t even try to get it. As long as I threw it close, she’d get it. It was as if she knew that Jack would beat her to the distance sticks every time, so established the rules she wanted.