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Scotch Collies

Amish Lassie

Amish Lassie

We purchased Amish Lassie from a local Amish family in September of 2013. She is registered with the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association, of which we are members.

Finding Lassie was very exciting because she comes from potentially very old lines in the Amish community (we are still working on getting more information, but the Amish do not register their dogs, and can also be very private about sharing information). Still, it seems that some Amish people around here have carried on a line of working farm collies that we are really excited to have discovered. Introducing these lines into the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association by pairing her with Captain Jack will help keep the gene pool strong and healthy.

Captain Jack and Lassie get along really well and it’s fun to see them running around the farm together, chasing mice, herding the poultry to their designated areas, or bringing the cows in for milking.

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